5 Reliable Takeout and Delivery Options For Memorial Day Weekend

Lesser known takeout options for a busy weekend

Memorial Day Weekend can be ROUGH for takeout and delivery. Restaurants are understaffed, the island is overcrowded, and trying to get a hot meal on short notice can be frustrating.

Things aren’t as bad as they were in 2021. The pandemic kept more workers at home and customers less willing to dine in person, and it was effectively impossible to order food without a plan.

Delivery and takeout improved greatly last year and one would expect even better this year.

Still, if you’re looking for reliable takeout outside of the staples, here are some good options we’ve come to rely on… until we blast this out to 3,000 people and overwhelm the hungover 21-year-olds trying to squeeze in some OT pay between liquid dinners and jello shots.

Here’s 5 places we have confidence in getting you good food when you need it:

1) Piccini

Featured in our Dish of the Week (and not a sponsor this week!), Piccini is always reliable. You may wait a while, but they have an OPERATION for takeout. It used to be cash or check only, but their website says they now take card. They’ll deliver, too, but last year you had to have a check in the exact amount + tip.

Still, they’ll get you the food there hot, delicious, and plentiful.

2) Sals Coal Fired Pizza (Door Dash)

They’re in Somers Point but available on Door Dash, at least in the Northern end of the island. You can get much more than pizza. Classic Italian dishes, reliably delivered. I do recommend the coal fired Parma with prosciutto though.

3) 16th Street Seafood

Local guys swear by 16th Street over perhaps the more popular Spadaforo. At 16th and Haven, it’s also easy to park. Nothing unexpected here, but reliable seafood takeout.

4) Mike’s Seafood

I feel like Mike’s gets a bad wrap, maybe because it feels like a Sea Isle port-over. Whatever. If you’re in the South End, this is a good alternative to 16th Street. They nail the takeout process. You get a big tray, well-packed. They can handle the load.

5) Sack O’ Subs

Locations in 9th and 55th Street, Sack O’ Subs is just flat-out reliable and used to handling the crush. More than just subs, you can get a decent breakfast or lunch here, consistently. They answer the phone promptly.

Pro tip: Calling around at, say, 5:30 p.m. on Saturday could be frustrating. Door Dash can be a good option. Yeah, it’s better for restaurants if you go direct, but Door Dash removes a lot of the inconsistency in ordering and modernizes the experience. Only one time have I seen restaurants on Door Dash decline an order, and you can pull from Somers Point, Margate, and in some cases, Atlantic City, if things get tough.

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