Playland's Castaway Cove Gets Approval For New Roller Coaster

Construction will resume

Playland’s Castaway Cove received unanimous approval from Ocean City’s zoning board on Wednesday night to move ahead with plans for a new roller coaster.

The ruling will allow Playland’s to continue construction on its Boardwalk-level arcade and begin development of a family-friendly coaster aimed for opening in 2025.

Earlier this week, we told you how Playland’s was waiting to get some clarity from Ocean City’s zoning board as to whether it needed a height variance for a proposed control tower atop the coaster. The amusement park’s VP, Brian Hartley, said that construction on the arcade had to be halted for eight weeks while they awaited clarity, delaying the arcade’s re-opening until at least late this summer.

Specifically, the board ruled now that the control tower would be considered part of the coaster, which does not require a height variance, and not part of the building itself, which would have required the variance.

You can read our full story on the matter here.

Hartley had told us that it may take some time to get construction crews, which had moved on to other jobs, back on site. He confirmed plans are to aim for a late summer re-opening of the arcade and 2025 completion of the coaster.

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