The New Family Friendly Recreation Center Proposed for Ocean City

In our newsletter this week (subscribe here— it’s free) we told you about the zoning application submitted by TJ Heist - owner of Totally Tubular Watersports, Aqua Park and Beachy Tiki - for The Yard, a family-friendly outdoor recreational facility planned for 741 West Ave.

I was able to speak with Heist through email, and he detailed some plans for the facility, which will be part of his OCNJ Watersports Family:

“I am super excited about The Yard because it’s a truly a one of a kind activity that will be unique to Ocean City. The main feature is an elevated netted playground with climbing features, soft slides, a crows nest, etc. The structure has the general shape of a ship, falling inline with the theme of our company OCNJ Watersports.”

TJ Heist

The Yard would feature, go figure, yard games on the ground level, with picnic tables for parents to watch from.

Inside might be more interesting.

Heist is proposing an indoor golf simulator for kids and adults, along with a light concession area for birthday parties and group events.

The current building isn’t exactly the most scenic, serving as what looks to be office and storage space for Totally Tubular.

“We are proposing new fencing and lots of landscaping to improve the curb appeal of the current building on West ave. I think it will be an improvement to the street and a complement to other businesses on the block like Heritage Surf Shop and Wallace Hardware.”

TJ Heist

The Zoning Board will consider Heist’s application on June 26.

If approved, construction is aimed to be completed in the fall and winter.

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